Tacticgrup, offers a globlal solution to all the needs of the footballplayer during his professional career +

Tacticgrup, offers various services for its representatives, taking care of all kinds of management

Mediation and Sports representation

It is the main activity of Tacticgrup, offering to their represented, a wide national and international experience, taking advantage of the trust relationship with the clubs generated during the last 30 years in the sector.

Sponsorship and advertising

We negotiate and deal with image rigths, sponsorship and advertising contracts, always researching the profit for our clients, but at the same time trying to satisfy the needs of the brands which trust us.

Youth talents

The accompaniment of future stars is also one of our top goals. Having as a priority their education. We value all the professional chances with the aim of giving total safety and confidence to the young players and their families.

Our services range from intermediation and representation, to the discovery of young talents.